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> 2) What \startstandardmakeup do then? And what is the purpose of defining custom makeups?

From the source (and I am positive this is also mentioned in the big manual):

A makeup is a separate page, like a title page or colofon. There is one standard makeup page, but you can define more if needed.

As can be seen in                        

it is a page type with a special layout / header & footer sections that last only temporarily. The key point is that such a page does not (have to) rely on the current page layout style, which is especially useful for title pages.

-- Taco, in

> Hi everyone, > > I cannot see any effect when using voffset and hoffset as a parameter for > \startstandardmakeup. For example: > > \startstandardmakeup[headerstate=none, footerstate=none, > hoffset=1in, hoffset=1in, width=4in, height=7.0in] > ... > \stopstandardmakeup > > I'd expect them to shift the page content up and to the > right, respectively. This is guessing from their name: I actually cannot find > any documentation on these parameters. Am I missing something?

indeed they are obsolete ... layers are better for that

-- Hans,