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==== Revision of ConTeXt User Manual ====
#REDIRECT [[Improving the manuals#ConTeXt_reference_manual]]
We are working on updating the user manual. User feedback is appreciated.
* [http://pmrb.free.fr/contextref.pdf current draft]
* [http://foundry.supelec.fr/gf/project/contextman/scmsvn/ svn repository] of current draft
* Chapter on [http://context.aanhet.net/svn/contextman/context-reference/en/co-typography.pdf typography]
* Chapter on [http://context.aanhet.net/svn/contextman/context-reference/en/co-fonts.pdf fonts]
* Chapter on [http://context.aanhet.net/svn/contextman/context-reference/en/co-pagedesign.pdf pagedesign]

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