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Latin Modern Math

Latin Modern is an OTF remake of the Computer Modern fonts, and the default ConteXt font. The OpenType Latin Modern Math is ConTeXt Mark IV 's default math font. While the OTF Latin Modern Math was under development, ConTeXt used the Type1 version, hacked to look like OTF to the engine, and with some tweaks on top. If you still want the old behaviour, you can put


at the top of your document.

TeX Gyre

The GUST foundry, the creator of the TeX Gyre fonts, has created OTF math fonts to go with Pagella (Palatino) and Termes (Times). Math fonts for Bonum (Bookman) and Schola (New Century Schoolbook) are planned for the future. Using these fonts for math is automatically enabled when you set the appropriate bodyfont.

\setupbodyfont[palatino] % or pagella
% or
\setupbodyfont[times]    % or termes

There exist also virtual versions of these fonts. The virtual counterparts are adaptations of the old TFM/Type1 fonts so they look like OpenType math fonts to the engine. ConTeXt Mark IV used them for a while so that it could move entirely to Unicode/OpenType math while waiting for the real OpenType fonts, and quite some tweaks went into making them look good. They are still better in some areas, like hinting and stacked arror relations.[nov 2012]. If you want to keep the old behaviour, type


at the top of your document. This does not set the math font directly; rather it specifies that if Pagella or Termes is used for maths, ConTeXt should use the virtual font instead of the non-virtual one.

Blackboard bold

Blackboard bold is built into Latin Modern and ConTeXt. Use it like so:


See Blackboard bold for further details.


Euler is a math font created by Hermann Zapf. It combines well with Palatino, inter alia; see Palatino with Euler for Math. See also the Euler in ConTeXt My Way by Adam Lindsay.


The doublestroke fonts are an alternative to the msbm blackboard bold font. To use them with ConTeXt, see Doublestroke.

Ralph Smith's formal script

Ralph Smith's Formal Script is a script alphabet that blends well with Latin Modern. Typescript instructions are on the Rsfs page.