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MAPS is the magazine of the NTG (Nederlandstalige TeX Gebruikersgroep: Dutch Language TeX Users Group). The magazine appears twice a year and is sent to all members of NTG.

The MAPS consists of articles about TeX, Metafont and related matters. A large portion (more than half is normal) of the MAPS is filled with ConTeXt related content. The articles are mostly by Dutch authors, but typically written in English. Regular (English) articles from other TeX user groups or TeX conferences are also accepted.

To write an article for MAPS, the following sample can be used

% Uncomment the next line if you want your article to appear in one column.
% The default is two columns
% \enablemode[onecolumn] % one column, with wide outer margins
% \enablemode[asym]      % one column, with wide left margin (

% A mode nosubsub defines only two levels of sectioning. If you
% don't need more and use the two-column layout, then this option
% will probably improve the looks of your paper.
% \enablemode[nosubsub]



\startArticle [
    Title=<+ Title of the article +>,
    SubTitle=<+ Optional subtitle +>,
    Number=<+ MAP Number +>,
    Period=<+ MAP Period +>,
    Author=<+ Author plus contact details +>,
   RunningAuthor=<+ Author name to appear in the header +>

% The Author parameter doesn't require any particular structure.
% Add a RunningAuthor parameter if the Author parameter is too
% elaborate or complex for use in a page header.

 <+ Write Article Abstract +>

 <+ Write Article Keywords +>

<+ Write Article +>

% MAPS places footnotes at the end of the article