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Presentation effects

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Often you'd like to step through some elements of one "slide" (presentation page).

You can use \FlushStep after each element (text line, table cell...):




\NC test \FlushStep \NC test \FlushStep \NC \NR
\NC test \FlushStep \NC test \FlushStep \NC \NR
\NC test \FlushStep \NC test \FlushStep \NC \NR




  • This should work (again) since 2004-08-05 (Hans posted a patch on the mailing list)
  • There once was \presentationstep that never really seemed to work...

Page Effects

You can address Acrobat's built in browsing effects like this:




Have a look at \def\pagetransitions in spec-fdf.tex for available options.

This setting is overruled by Acrobat's settings and doesn't work with every version of Acrobat (Reader) and will probably never work with any other PDF viewer.