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Context 2010.07.30

New MkIV features:

  • Tagged pdf generation.
  • Experimental support for keeping links in included pdfs \externalfigure[file.pdf][page=1,interaction=yes]
  • Hyphenation support is now processed with the help of lang-xx.lua files
  • texmfcnf.lua (see the example contextcnf.lua) now completely replaces texmf.cnf (and has an internal structure)
  • mtxrun has taken over the role of luatools (which is now a stub for mtxrun --script base and will eventually go away)
  • TEXMFCACHE can now consist of multiple paths (one writable followed by any number of read-only paths)
  • Support for the biolinum, stix, and xits fonts added, as well updated typescripts for iwona.

Context 2010.05.24

This current fixes a small number of bugs in 2010.05.21, just in time for TeX Live 2010.

It also adds support for the latest version of antykwa-poltawskiego.

Context 2010.05.21

This current fixes a number of bugs in 2010.05.08.

Context 2010.05.08

  • Many of the stubs for the ruby tools have gone away. If you want one of the old command names back, just create a link from mtxrun to the required name, e.g. copy mtxrun.exe to mptopdf.exe on windows. Eventually all perl and ruby scripts will be gone. Most functionality is already provided by lua variants.
  • The hyphenation patterns for German, German (old), Hungarian and Spanish have been updated from the tex-hyphen project.
  • New versions of the ancientgreek, letter, and simplefont modules are included.
  • New modules: barcodes (mkiv only) and punk
  • Support for shockwave flash has been updated (mkiv only). The backend code has been rewritten and currently only pdf is supported.
  • The split between mkii and mkiv is getting more complete. Only a few mkii bug fixes have taken place.
  • Typescripts are now split completely and no definitions are shared; loading of a mkio/mkiv file takes precedence over a tex file.

Context 2009.11.26

  • The context command now supports --autopdf
  • Mark IV now has a new method for font selection in addition to name: and file:, called spec:. This uses heuristics to find a font based on the requested properties, for example: times-normal-italic
  • Mark IV now supports line notes and proper \formulanumbers
  • and a bunch of bugfixes, of course

Context 2009.10.27

This release fixes a fairly large number of bugs and oversights in mkiv, and few in mkii.

Context 2009.08.19

This is the context version on TeXLive 2009.

Note TeXLive 2009 ships with a broken MkIV, because the luatex on TeXLive is too old. Hans and I apologise for that, but it was just not feasible to include a newer luatex. Once TeXLive is released, we will write down a recipe to upgrade its luatex binary.

This is the first actually documented release for 2009 after a very long time of no release (and no release notes).The reason for that is that ConTeXt is now split quite rigurously into source files for mkii and source files for mkiv. Also, many of the core functions in context mkiv have been rewritten to make extensive use of lua. Unfortunately, this means that there is a massive amount of changes, and there is just no way I can create proper release notes. Just follow the link for a (long) list of new, old, and renamed source files. Taco 14:16, 12 October 2009 (UTC)

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