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In progress...


To map Roboto Slab on rm-fonts and Robonto (normal and condensed) on ss-fonts.


The Roboto fonts are installed at your System and also recognized by ConTeXt. If

mtxrun --script fonts --list --all --pattern=roboto*

does not shows you minimum:

roboto                       robotoblack                  Roboto-Black.otf
robotoblack                  robotoblack                  Roboto-Black.otf
robotoblackitalic            robotoblackitalic            Roboto-BlackItalic.otf
robotobold                   robotobold                   Roboto-Bold.otf
robotobolditalic             robotobolditalic             Roboto-BoldItalic.otf
robotocondensed              robotocondensedbold          RobotoCondensed-Bold.otf
robotocondensedbold          robotocondensedbold          RobotoCondensed-Bold.otf
robotocondensedbolditalic    robotocondensedbolditalic    RobotoCondensed-BoldItalic.otf
robotocondenseditalic        robotocondenseditalic        RobotoCondensed-Italic.otf
robotocondensedlight         robotocondensedlight         RobotoCondensed-Light.otf
robotocondensedlightitalic   robotocondensedlightitalic   RobotoCondensed-LightItalic.otf
robotocondensednormal        robotocondenseditalic        RobotoCondensed-Italic.otf
robotocondensedregular       robotocondensedregular       RobotoCondensed-Regular.otf
robotoitalic                 robotoitalic                 Roboto-Italic.otf
robotolight                  robotolight                  Roboto-Light.otf
robotolightitalic            robotolightitalic            Roboto-LightItalic.otf
robotomedium                 robotomedium                 Roboto-Medium.otf
robotomediumitalic           robotomediumitalic           Roboto-MediumItalic.otf
robotonormal                 robotoitalic                 Roboto-Italic.otf
robotoregular                robotoregular                Roboto-Regular.otf
robotoslab                   robotoslabbold               RobotoSlab-Bold.ttf
robotoslabbold               robotoslabbold               RobotoSlab-Bold.ttf
robotoslablight              robotoslablight              RobotoSlab-Light.ttf
robotoslabnormal             robotoslabregular            RobotoSlab-Regular.ttf
robotoslabregular            robotoslabregular            RobotoSlab-Regular.ttf
robotoslabthin               robotoslabthin               RobotoSlab-Thin.ttf
robotothin                   robotothin                   Roboto-Thin.otf
robotothinitalic             robotothinitalic             Roboto-ThinItalic.otf

please visit the instruction how to install fonts to MkIV.

You can download the roboto fonts from google's webfonts and then convert them from woff into otf via fontforge.

You do not have to use this Roboto fonts. For this example you can use any Unicode font you like. If you use different fonts do not forget to exchange the font names in the example script below.


At this moment ConTeXt only offers two different font weights inside a typescript definition - roboto offers six different font weights. A typescript definiton also does not know font variants and roboto sans offers two (normal and condensed).


Solution: you need to pair the specific weight and variants you need in your document.