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The Math Central Page.

Some MathML code examples. And additional external links for MathML, the "native" ConTeXt way of math:

Useful links to MathML code generators:


The Chemistry Central Page. ConTeXt comes with PPCHTeX, an extensive chemistry module which allows the drawing of chemical structures and the typesetting of reactions.

The pages in Chemistry category.


The Physics Central Page.

The pages in Physics category.


Sciences also use a lot :

  • Units
  • Graphics like diagrams, Flow_Charts, Chromatograms, graph module based on MetaPost.
  • Steps (XML step charts, by Pragma). This module is written in the process of defining a couple of styles for an educational math book.The macros provide you a way to visualize steps in for instance solving equations.
  • Proclaim: In Plain-TeX there is the command \proclaim which is very handy when writing mathematics and stating theorems, lemmas, definitions and so on.