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Sharing graphics

This page includes methods of sharing graphics/figures with co-workers who (probably) do not use ConTeXt. This includes importing to and exporting from ConTeXt.

Exporting MetaPost drawings as PDF files

Sometimes one wants to create a PDF file from a MetaPost/MetaFun drawing, with the page clipped to the size of the drawing. This can be achieved using the following construct:

  draw fullcircle scaled 10cm ;

See also notes on \startMPpage on Mpgraphic .

Importing MetaPost drawings into MS Word

MS Word can import many graphics formats, but not PDF. To allow a Word user to import a drawing created in MetaPost, the PDF can be converted to encapsulated postscript as follows:

  • Create a PDF drawing (see "Exporting MetaPost drawing as PDF files" above).
  • From the command line, convert to EPS using pdftops:

pdftops -eps -pagecrop myfile.pdf

  • Import the EPS file as a picture into Word.

Note that the preview on-screen in Word is of poor quality, but when printed it should have the full quality of the original.