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* Make sure that the PATH environment variable includes the directory of the Acrobat executable (e.g. C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader).
=== Spell checking ===
The spell checker can be configured as follows.
* First, construct a word list, which is just a file containing all the valid words in your language! For English, a suitable word list can be constructed from files at [], e.g. concatenating all the files starting with english* and british* up to level 70 from the Scowl-6 group is one option.
* Copy this new file to a suitable location, e.g. C:\tools\spell\spell-uk.txt
* The automatic language detection does not seem to work, so edit, replace the line:
with this one
* Add the environment variable CTXSPELLPATH and make it point to the location of the word lists (e.g. C:\tools\spell).
* Restart SciTE, open a .tex file and press [Cntrl-B] to spell check the file. New words can be added to the word list, but you need to restart SciTE after each change.
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