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The Unicode Standard gives every block a unique name that describes the common semantic nature of its code points. These names are case insensitive, and the hyphens, spaces, and underscores, in them are insignificant. For example, one can refer to the block whose Unicode name is {{code|Myanmar Extended-A}} as {{code|myanmarextendeda}}, {{code|MyanmarExtendedA}}, or {{code|myanmar_extended_a}}. ConTeXt chooses the first of these alternative styles for the names of blocks, as described below.
The number of code points in a block varies. Some, such as the block named {{code|Syriac Supplement}}, have just 16 code points, and some others, such as the block named {{code|CJK Unified Ideographs Extension B}}with a cardinality of 43720, have thousands of code points.
Every assigned code point belongs to some block, but there are blocks which contain unassigned code points too; for example, the block named {{code|Telugu}} contains the unassigned code point 0C50. Lastly, there are some code points, necessarily unassigned, which do not belong to any block; the code point 0870 is one such.