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The source code repository for the '''ConTeXt reference manual''' and
'''ConTeXt: an excursion''' is kept at
{{Domain|}}. This article
explains how to access the source code.
== The contents of the repository ==
There are three directories at the top level of the repository:
* `context-beginners` contains the code for ''ConTeXt: an excursion'', the beginners' manual.
* `context-reference` contains the code for the ''ConTeXt reference manual''.
* `context-commands` contains a proof-of-concept for a command reference based on Lua tables. This project is not currently active.
Each manual's directory contains a Makefile; to build the PDF, the following should suffice (''mutatis mutandis'').
cd context-reference
''ConTeXt: an excursion'' is available in several languages, stored in `context-beginners/en/`, `context-beginners/fr/`, etc. A number of extra `make` targets are available:
make en # make only the english screen and print versions
make fr-screen # make only the french screen version
== Getting the source code ==
The source code is stored and managed using Subversion. For more information, see the [[Subversion]] article on this wiki.
=== Anonymous checkout, for curiosity ===
(Instructions taken from [ here].)
If you just want a copy of the manuals' source code, you can get it anonymously. Open a command prompt and enter the following command:
svn checkout --username anonsvn
The password is `anonsvn`.
=== Non-anonymous checkout, for development ===
# [ Register an account] on
# [ Request to join] the `contextman` project
# Check out the source code using your developer name and password
svn checkout --username ''developername''
== Current improvement projects ==
=== ConTeXt reference manual ===
Recently updated chapters
* [ typography]
* [ fonts]
* [ pagedesign]
=== ConTeXt, an excursion ===
There are [ several translations] underway (Chinese, French, Vietnamese) for ''ConTeXt, an excursion'', as well as several [[ConTeXt, an excursion#Translations|completed translations]] (Czech, Dutch, English). To start a new translation, follow these instructions. First, the preliminaries:
* follow the instructions above to make a non-anonymous checkout of the source.

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