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  • ...d {{cmd|startdocument}} allows for document metadata and can be configured with {{cmd|setupdocument}}. ...n, subsection, subsubsection, and their numberless counterparts. See the [[Titles]] page for further details.
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  • ...ConTeXt, create a text file (typically with a <code>.tex</code> extension) with ConTeXt markup and ''compile'' the file by running the command <code>contex Words starting with a backslash (such as <code>\starttext</code>) are called '''command sequenc
    4 KB (636 words) - 20:11, 28 June 2020
  • 2003 - Hiding parts of section titles]</li> ...magazines/mag-0004.pdf 2003 - Manipulating the foreground] : combining PDF pages</li>
    5 KB (728 words) - 08:28, 2 July 2022
  • Titles define the structure of your document. Decide yourself how deep you want to ...t, see the section on [[#Unnumbered_titles_in_table_of_contents|Unnumbered titles in the table of contents]].
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  • ...stoptable. {{cmd|starttabulate}} and \stoptabulate does not work correctly with macros. As is common with tables in TeX-based typesetting, this string
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  • Style and citing for writting diploma thesis (and other works) compatible with the citing and styling rules of the Law Faculty of the University of Ljublj Big thanks to everyone on the ConTeXt users' mailing list for helping me out with this! The least I can do is make it publicly available.
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