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Nothing is mentioned about xetex. I do not know how xetex works. Can someone add the relevant texexec switches? --Aditya

Filename extension

Compiling files with no extension does not work. For example, in presence of a context file 'zut', running 'texexec zut' produces TeXExec | processing document 'zut' TeXExec | no ctx file found TeXExec | nothing to process TeXExec | runtime: 0.001099 with no result. Can this be fixed/explained? I mean, other than changing the name of the file...



It is not possible to install texexec on Windows, since it is not documentend enough. Once you have texexec you realize that you need texlua. For texlua you need ruby and then your computer tells you it is unable to locate luatex... Piece of junk.