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The manual for TeXfont: mtexfont.pdf

Many guides to its application are available on the My Way page.

Known problems

The problems may result from misbehaviour of programs called by TeXfont or from TeXfont itself.

texfont fails with syntax error

(Tested on: TeXFont version 2.2.1; afm2tfm version 8.1 (dvips(k) 5.94b); Windows XP)

If you are installing a Type 1 font (.pfb and .afm files) using texfont, and you come up against an error message like this:

; expected: ! syntax error
CC Aacute 2; PCC A 0 0; PCC acute 182 150;


then you have probably run into a bug in your version of afm2tfm, which is a program called by the texfont script. This happened to me with Monotype's Century Gothic font family. You have 3 options:

  1. get a fixed version of afm2tfm (NB I don't know if this exists yet);
  2. edit the AFM files to work around the problem.
  3. install [afm2pl] and use texfont's --afmpl switch

To take the second option, open a copy of each .afm file in a text editor and find the section headed StartComposites. Delete this entire section, up to and including the line EndComposites

After you have done this to all the .afm files, afm2tfm should work and texfont should complete successfully.

texfont fails on overlong AFM lines

afm2tfm chokes on lines in AFM files that are longer than 256 characters; these shouldn't occur, but e.g. Linotype's lawyers forced endless copyright notices in their AFM files. Just delete the lines starting with Comment Copyright, and you're done. You also choose option 3. above because afm2pl will ignore the excess info without choking. (Maybe newer versions of afm2tfm fix this also.)

problems under Windows

LCDF Typetools have some problems under windows. For some unknown reason (most probably because kpsewhich didn't find adobe glyph list), I had to move glyphlist.txt to C:\usr\local\share\lcdf-typetools\glyphlist.txt. There were some other problems as well.

System requirements

In order to install an OpenType font, you will also need LCDF Typetools.

(There are probably more programs that need to be installed, but most of them are already shipped with standard TeX distributions.)