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Century Gothic fails in texfont

(Fix tested on: TeXFont version 2.2.1; afm2tfm version 8.1 (dvips(k) 5.94b); Windows XP)

If you are trying to get Monotype's Century Gothic font family to install using texfont, you may run into an error at the afm2tfm stage of the process, where a syntax error is shown with reference to the Composite Characters section of the AFM file. The error may look something like this:

; expected: ! syntax error
CC Aacute 2; PCC A 0 0; PCC acute 182 150;


This will cause the font installation to fail.

To fix the broken AFM files, open them in a text editor and find the section headed StartComposites. In each line in this section, up to the line EndComposites, make sure that there is a space before and after every semicolon (there are 3 semicolons per line). For example, the line referenced above will now look like this:

CC Aacute 2 ; PCC A 0 0 ; PCC acute 182 150 ;

After you have done this to all the CC lines, afm2tfm should work and texfont should complete successfully.

The afm file is correct. See the afm specification. afm2tfm is broken and a bug should be reported. --pg