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{{#switch: {{{link|yes}}}
| yes      = <tt>[[Command/{{{1}}}|\{{{1}}}]]{{{2|}}}</tt>
| no      = <tt>\{{{1}}}{{{2|}}}</tt>
| #default = '''Error in {{tl|cmd}} template: the only valid values for {{code|link}} are {{code|yes}}, {{code|no}}, or leaving it unspecified.'''

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Link to a ConTeXt command in the command reference. You can mention some parameters while you're at it; and you can mention the command without linking to it by specifying link=no.

When the text passed to one of the template parameters contains an equals sign, you must explicitly address that template parameter by name or number. This will usually happen with template parameter 2, which is used to specify the ConTeXt parameters.




   (A warning)


  • \framed
  • \framed{text}
  • \framed[width=2em]{text}
  • \framed
  • \framed[width=2em]{text}
  • Error in {{cmd}} template: the only valid values for link are yes, no, or leaving it unspecified.