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==== Official ConTeXt documentations ====
==== Official ConTeXt documentations ====
* [[manual:ms-cb-en.pdf|Context, an excursion]]: beginner's manual. (<small>[[ConTeXt on Excursion, translations|Translations]]</small>)
* '''Context, an excursion: beginner's manual.''' ([[manual:ms-cb-en.pdf|screen]]) ([[manual:mp-cb-en.pdf|print]]) ([[ConTeXt on Excursion, translations|Translations]])
* [[manual:cont-eni.pdf|The user manual]] ('''being revised''', see below)
* [[manual:metafun-p.pdf|MetaFun]] manual ([[manual:metafun-s.pdf|screen]]) for [[MetaPost]] and the [[MetaFun]] extension
* '''The user manual''' ([[manual:cont-eni.pdf|screen]])  ([[manual:cont-enp.pdf|print]]) ('''being revised''', see below)
* '''Metafun manual''' ([[manual:metafun-s.pdf|screen]]) ([[manual:metafun-p.pdf|print]]) for [[MetaPost]] and the [[MetaFun]] extension
* [http://www.pragma-ade.com/general/manuals/mk.pdf MK IV reference]
* [http://www.pragma-ade.com/general/manuals/mk.pdf MK IV reference]

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Official ConTeXt documentations

  • The user manual (screen) (print) (being revised, see below)
  • The Release Notes page documents what has changed in each new release

Revision of ConTeXt User Manual

We are working on updating the user manual. User feedback is appreciated.

Specific Subjects

  • Structurals: Titles, tables, enumerations, and other pieces of document structure.
  • Visuals: Layout, graphics, fonts, and other aspects of the document's appearance.
  • Inside ConTeXt: Macros, commands, and other programming.
  • Math: Mathematics and other scientific notations.
  • XML: ConTeXt can be used to format XML text or documents.
  • Presentations: Specific advice for presentations and on-screen display.