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What is it?

There is a project working on creating a test suite for ConTeXt. The homepage is [ConTeXt Test project].

The mailing list can be accessed through the [Lists] section, and in the [SCM] section you can find the actual test files.

Who can/should submit new tests?

  • Anyone.
  • But since Hans and Taco are busy enough, users, even beginners, are the ones expected to submit new tests.

Who REALLY should submit new tests?

  • If a bug that you encountered gets fixed (on the mainling list).
  • If a new feature is implemented on your request.

How to view the existing tests?

In the [SCM] you can learn how to connect to the repository through subversion, or you can browse the current repository of tests online.

How can I join in?

Join the mailing List

In the [Lists] section of the server, you will find the contexttest-commits mailing list. The list is not only for commits, it is also the discussion forum of the people working on tests. If you want to do any kind of work for the test project, please subscribe to this list first.

Submit new tests

TODO: write notes about installing/using svn (See: To-Do List)

Any easier way to do that?

  • No yet, but it would be nice if a simpler way existed. Perhaps in the future ...

How can I see/compare the results and judge if they're OK?

At the moment, we are still in the collecting phase. There is no point in setting up the testing infractructure until there are at least some tests to be run. What we need right now are simply test files.