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Current version is 0.2.

Installing the bundle

Download the package from the address given below. Double click on the file to mount the disk image and then just double click the 'ConTeXt.tmbundle' file.


  • Help on current word (press ^h)
  • Inserting environments (env + tab)
  • setting previwer (the variable PDF_VIEWER, the default is 'Preview'. You can try anything that you can use as an argument for 'open')
  • running texexec (F9, if there are any errors, there is a hyperlink to the source file)
  • purge (F9)
  • view (F9)
  • tab on commands (exaple: insert \color and press tab, you can tab through the arguments.)
  • command completion (type in '\fill' and press the escape key multiple times)
  • bold/italic font (type cmd-i or cmd-b)

Future versions

  • current scope for ConTeXt source files is 'text.context'. It will be moved to 'text.tex.context' in 0.3.
  • Documentation enhancement
  • Better keystrokes for viewing etc.
  • better font support

Known limitations/bugs

  • None. Please contact me at patrick <at> gundla.ch for suggestions/comments/bug reports/...


Homepage: http://wiki.contextgarden.net/ConTeXt_Bundle_for_TextMate
Download: http://dl.contextgarden.net/support/
Contact: patrick <at> gundla.ch