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Typescripts provided with ConTeXt

Few information first:

  • They are stored in tex/texmf-context/tex/context/fonts/mkiv/. They are defined by the files "type-imp-*.mkiv". You can have a look with the source browser.
  • For the fonts files provided with ConTeXt, typescripts are described here

TODO: is it necessary to add a specific \usetypescript before ? (See: To-Do List)

Here we focus of fonts files not provided with ConTeXt
  • Sabon MT with \setupbodyfont[sabon]
  • Cambria with cambria
  • Garamond with ebgaramond
  • Zapfino MT with zapfino
  • Optima Nova with optima-nova or optima-nova-light or optima-nova-medium
  • Palatino Nova with palatino-nova or palatino-nova-light or palatino-nova-medium or palatino-sans or palatino-informal
  • Liberation with liberation
  • Libertine with liberatine
  • Lucida with lucida-opentype or lucida
  • Minion with minion
  • MacOSx default: baskerville, gillsans, futura, helvetica-neue and -ultralight, -light, -boldcondensed, ...
  • IMB plex :
    • plex, plex-thin, -extralight, -light, -text, -medium, -semibold, -bold
    • ibmplexnarrow, ibmplexnarrow-thin, -extralight, -light

Typescripts provided by this wiki ConTeXt