Typos in beginners manual

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Please add all the errors you find from the beginners manual ([mp-cb-en.pdf ] and [ms-cb-en.pdf ])

Page numbers refer to the version for printing, version of 1999-05-27.

A revised version and versions in new languages are planned: see Revision and translations of “ConTeXt, an excursion”.

where description
0 the correct e-mail address for pragma is pragma@wxs.nl.
7 run texexec, not context. (Syntax is the same)
8 \type{\} or \textbackslash is missing from the tables 3.1/3.2
24 \placefigure is missing { } around \startcombination ... \stopcombination
24 \stopcombinatie\stopcombination
56-58 The second, braced argument for \in and \at can be used to create constructions like \in{figure}{a}[fig:boats] which would give you "In figure 25.1a"