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These are some notes on things missing in ConTeXt math support

  • In
\startformula \startalign[m=2,distance=...]

there is no way to divide the space equally between left, middle, and right sides.

  • Why do we have
\predisplaypenalty     = \zerocount

in core-mat.tex? Plain TeX defaults to 10,000. A zero value leads to orphan equations.

  • Pr has wrong limits.

This is also wrong in plain tex.

  • Splitting of equations across pages should be configurable. Right now either you can make the equation split anywhere, or not split at all. There needs to be some way of specifying what are "good" places to split across a page. This can be done by adding a penalty inside a \noalign after each \cr in \halign, and let a macro configure the amount of penalty.
  • The current math alignment macros do not take care of proper placement of equation numbers. Equation number just get placed at the beginning or end of the line, without checking if there is space in the line or not. Maybe the only correct way to do this is following what amsmath does: use a two pass mechanism, the first pass measures the width of each line, and the second pass places the formula. (See the placecontent macros used in tabulations)
  • Add stackrel to core-mat.tex
  • Correct the dostartmathmatrix macro.
  • Support a configuration for limits or nolimits in front of int and relatives.
  • Change the unicode characters for double integral and colonsim
  • Should startsubstack have cramped style?
  • Add stackrel to core-mat.