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Henning Hraban Ramm: I'm a self-employed typesetter (media designer), printing engineer and programmer, living in Limburg, Germany. I’m also part of Dreiviertelhaus publishers (German linguistics, history and architecture).

I use ConTeXt mostly for books, magazines, correspondence (invoices, letters) and for some automated tasks.

Some of my ConTeXt powered publications:

I used to maintain the LilyPond module (now replaced by a filter setup, a bridge between ConTeXt (MkIV) and GNU LilyPond, the latter being the best music typesetting (“engraving”) system since manual engraving. As a collector and singer of folk songs I use the ConTeXt-LilyPond team to produce beautiful songbooklets for my friends, recently also as eBooks.

Another toy project: fiëé croisée, a crossword puzzle generator with ConTeXt and LaTeX export.

You can find some of my projects, including ConTeXt stuff, in my public git repository or on my homepage.