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Todo for xml interface 'ConTeXtXML' extension:

  • (maybe) export to 100% correct xml, expanding wikicodes also, and fixing CDATA
  • ongoing from then on: existing page merging (jikes!)
  • combine the current 'context' extension with the new 'ConTeXtXML' extension
  • add a ‘first documented on’ attribute to cd:command

Problems that remain unfixed for now:

  • the "redirected from ..." message is not displayed. I seem unable to make it reappear in 1.34 because of the CmdPage inheriting from WikiPage but the redirect creating a hardcoded WikiPage object. I will retry when MW 1.35 is officially released.

Todo for sourcebrowser:

  • Search option to search only file names
  • Fix scroll for navigation pane
  • Add a 'search context' (stay in current file while doing a followup)
  • Add a link back to top of page that always stays in view
  • (maybe) rewrite/extend scite lexers and/or put the indices in the ConTeXt distribution ?

re: newbie question


Okay, I have now updated (and made minor changes to to reflect those updates). If you have any corrections or suggestions on what I have done, please just let me know. I'm eager to learn!

And after that, I will feel more comfortable making Wiki edits myself, and I'll be glad to help with such things as I continue to learn more about ConTeXt.

I do have a few quick followup questions though: If I write a My Way article, how do I “submit” it? Do I just go edit the Wiki and put it among the list of My Way articles? Or do I send it to someone for “review”? Or is there some other process?

If I can get these questions answered, I'll put the answers in the How to Make A MyWay Wiki, and then hopefully that will make the process of writing My Way articles simpler all around. (And also I'm thinking of writing a My Way article myself.)

Thanks, Sciurus

your wiki edit is fine! I'll need to figure something out for the myway articles, because at the moment not even '' works. Meanwhile, if you have a new myway, just upload it to the wiki and write a message to the mailing list. I've added 'fixing the download site' to my todo list, but 'submit' will likely end up as 'email the document to taco'.