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ConTeXt distribution comes with a VSCode Extension. It can be found here -


To enable the above extension (e.g. in Windows), use this command -

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft VS Code\code.exe" --extensions-dir "<somedir>/tex/texmf-context/context/data/vscode/extensions" --install-extension context

Some caveats

  • One has to start the VSCode with the above command line
  • The VSCode will start with only the ConTeXt extension
  • One has to enable the Color Theme of this ConTeXt extension (it does not work with one's existing color themes)
  • In Mac, this was complaining about some missing IDs. Needs further investigation for Macs.

Not withstanding these above limitations, it works well for editing the ConTeXt markup.

To Do

Use this and polish it to a proper VSCode Extension, and publish to the Marketplace