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(The following is verbatim from the Wikipedia ConTeXt entry on Sept. 3, 2005, with some changes to the links.)

ConTeXt is a document preparation system based on the TeX typesetting program. Being more recent than the other main TeX macro package, LaTeX, it is both more modular in its conception and more monolithic in its building. For instance, TeX-based vector graphics are fully integrated into ConTeXt through MetaFun, a superset of the MetaPost graphic programming language (which in turn is derived from MetaFont language, another creation of Donald Knuth). It also focuses on using PdfTeX to generate both paper and on-line screen versions of the same documents. It comes with some Ruby and Perl utility scripts, like TeXUtil and TeXExec.

This system was developed from 1990 by Hans Hagen from PRAGMA Advanced Document Engineering (Pragma ADE), a Netherlands-based company.

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