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May I edit pages without signing in?

Yes, you may (mainly because we are still glad if the users who hate signing in can nevertheless contribute), but you are highly discouraged to do so. Please, sign in before contributing if possible. Even if you use a username/nickname with no resemblance to your real name, this is still better than not signing in at all.

Most important wiki markup commands

  • '''Bold text''' - Bold text
  • ''Italic text'' - Italic text
  • <context>Rendered by \ConTeXt</context> -
  • <texcode>Highlighted text (used for \TeX)</texcode> -
    Highlighted text (used for \TeX)

TODO: Add more commands (See: To-Do List)

How do I sign when posting a comment?

  • ~~~ will expand into [[User:Yourusername|Yournickname]], so basically your nickname will be shown
  • ~~~~ will also add a timestamp next to your nickname

So you will usually write --~~~ or --~~~~


Categories & Templates

How to add a category?

How to add a template?

TODO: This page still needs quite some work (See: To-Do List)