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Namespaces Help: and ConTeXt_wiki: --- what's the difference?

Soo. As you can see in the {{About this wiki navbox}} (do click through), the Help: and ConTeXt_wiki: namespaces overlap: they are both for articles that explain how things work around here. Ostensibly Help: is about Mediawiki topics in general, but I'm not sure that's a useful distinction to make. Is there a use case for maintaining Help: and ConTeXt_wiki: as separate namespaces, one that will make it easy to remember what goes where? Or should we keep everything in the CW: namespace, and only use the Help: pages to offer redirects?

N.B. Shortness of name is not an issue, as I intend to ask Taco to make CW: an alias for ConTeXt_wiki. (And to get rid of mixed case, I think -- it's nothing but intimidating to type, even though the namespace parts of article names are completely case-insensitive.)
--Esteis 22:33, 23 September 2012 (CEST)

How should we name the various Village Pump pages?

This is the current organisation (Context_wiki: prefixes not shown):

Especially: does it seem okay to have both a Village pump and a Living room? Also, I've taken the approach of making the various aspects of the Village pump articles in their own right; I could also have called them 'Village pump (discussions)' and 'Village pump (things to do), etc. (Cf. Village pump (technical) and Village pump (idea lab). Oh, and we might want our own name, instead of borrowing 'Village pump'. Any thoughts on naming these pages? --Esteis 23:23, 23 September 2012 (CEST)

Discussions: sections or subpages?

Discussions in separate sections, on Wikipedia:

Discussions on separate subpages, on Rosetta Code:

Preferences? The Rosette Code wiki, by the way, including its Village pump, makes some rather slick use of the Semantic MediaWiki plugins.