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User page of Esteis; my real name is Sietse Brouwer, e-mail address sbbrouwer@—gmail—.com. Somewhat experienced with ConTeXt by now, especially from filling in lots of command reference pages over at Category:Commands.

Subpages of this page


  • Tell people that {{cmd|startnarrower|[left]}} --> \startnarrower[left] is now possible.
  • Make {{cmdstop|narrower}} that displays as {{cmd|stopnarrower}}, but links to {{cmd|startnarrower}}
  • Wiki entries on general key=value keys (well, the links to the entries):
    • are at [[Command/keyword:style]] (ugly)
    • should be at [[KeyValue/style]] (better)
  • We have the navbox template at Template:navbox, but still need CSS and JS for it. See here.

A design for this wiki

A new command page template

See User:Esteis/New command template.

What sort of pages do we have on here?

  • Command documentation (\startitemize, \setupnarrower
  • Description of mechanisms (heads, captions, itemize, floats, etc.)
  • Howto instructions (How to install ConTeXt, how to use text editor X with ConTeXt)
  • Snippet collections (make a framebox without borders)
  • Example style files
  • Description of mechanisms which contains a great many miscellaneous examples (e.g. Quotes).
  • MkII examples
  • MkIV examples
  • Bug workarounds

I think the topics, first of all, should get Navboxes. Example from Wikipedia: France navbox, Navbox template. They can be used to bind together...

  • The commands
  • The mechanism description pages
  • The example style files
  • The 'how to do X' snippers

...that are to do with a topic.

Why do people come here?

Getting started
  • What is ConTeXt?
  • I want to install ConTeXt
  • How can I get started on ConTeXt?
  • What documentation is available?
Reference pages
  • I know a command, and want to look up what it does
  • I know what structure I want, and want to look up how to do it
  • I want more information on a mechanism.
  • I want to report a bug
  • I want to learn how to code a command in a ConTeXtic manner (Optional number of arguments, key-value lists, \start...\stop, etc.)
  • I want to learn how to read the source code
  • I want to join development
  • I want to learn about ConTeXts social events (TUG meetings, etc.)
How to edit the wiki itself
  • I want to make/edit a command page
  • What wiki improvement projects are ongoing?
  • I've got this nugget of knowledge, and I want to know where to put it.

Things to do

  1. Banners above command pages: "Click here to find out how to edit command pages"
  2. Work out topics
  3. Navboxes for the topics
  4. A way to store examples/snippets. Taggable and searchable.
    • Get all those examples/snippets out of the article pages.
  5. Redesign the Main Page, with a link to the village pump
  6. Work out jumpoff pages for "Why do people come here", and put those on the Main Page

Page template: Command reference


== [[Help:Reference|Syntax]] ==
<table cellspacing="4" cellpadding="2" class="cmd">
    <td colspan="2" class="cmd">\XXX<!--
      --><span class="first">[...]</span><!--
      --><span class="second">[...]</span><!--
      --><span class="third">[...]</span><!--
  <tr valign="top" class="first">
    <td class="cmd">[...]</td>
  <tr valign="top" class="second">
    <td class="cmd">[...]</td>
  <tr valign="top" class="third">
    <td class="cmd">[...]</td>

== Description == 

== Example ==
<!-- something like this:
<context source=yes>
Or use <texcode> tags if the example doesn't compile on this wiki

== See also ==
<!-- something like this:
* {{cmd|setuphead}}
* {{cmd|strc-sec.mkiv#l299}}

== Help from ConTeXt-Mailinglist/Forum ==
All issues with: