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[...] name
[...] name


This command is used to store key-value pairs previously defined with \definedataset. The first argument is the data set name, the last argument is a list of key-value pairs of data that should be saved. The second argument is optional. When it is not used, the data saved in the set is enumerated or when provided, it is the identifier which can be used to address this particular saved key-value pair.


\setdataset [somedataset] [foo=first, bar=second]


\setdataset [somedataset] [alpha] [foo=first, bar=second]
\setdataset [somedataset] [beta]  [foo=first, bar=second]

See also

More detailled explanations and examples can be found under Key-Value Assignments section Two-pass data.

\definedataset, \datasetvariable

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