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Using graphics
insert image, apply transformations, and advanced stuff.
Floating objects
to place and number floating objects like figures, tables, paragraphs, etc.
adjusted images placement in rows and columns

Build your graphics

the graphical programming language
MetaFun - MetaPost in ConTeXt
ConTeXt graphical programming language, extension of MetaPost.
Sharing graphics
Export MetaPost drawings as PDF, import MetaPost drawings into MS Office, LibreOffice, etc.
The New (2020) graph module
with its dedicated manual "Drawing Statistical Charts" and a short presentation.
The basic graph module
Data plotting module, and some alternatives: TikZ (2016), Gnuplot (2012), Pgfplot (2009).
Flow Charts
Scaling Rotating Mirroring Clipping
Old Content (2010)
Gantt charts
Art and Artists

Layers and stacks

ConTeXt's mechanism for absolute positioning and advanced techniques like background / foreground, switch on / off.
ConTeXt's mechanism to stack local snippets.
Infinite Paper

Specific topics and examples