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[...,...,...] A3 A4 A5 A6 letter ... CD name landscape mirrored rotated 90 180 270
[...,...,...] A3 A4 A5 A6 letter ... name landscape mirrored rotated negative 90 180 270


As the name suggests, \setuppapersize sets the paper size for typesetting (the first argument) as well as the paper size for printing (the second argument). The second argument is optional; if omitted, it defaults to the value of the first argument.

For example:


sets the paper size to letter paper, which is a pre-defined paper size. Other pre-defined paper sizes include:

  • letter, ledger, tabloid, legal, folio, and executive sizes from the North American paper standard;
  • sizes A0A10, B0B10, and C0C10 from the A, B, and C series of the ISO-216 standard;
  • sizes RA0RA4 and SRA0SRA4 from the RA and SRA series of ISO-217 paper standard;
  • sizes C6/C5, DL, and E4 from ISO-269 standard envelope sizes;
  • envelope 9envelope 14 sizes from the American postal standard;
  • sizes G5 and E5 from the Swedish SIS-014711 standard. These are used for Swedish theses;
  • size CD for CD covers;
  • size S3S6, S8, SM, and SW for screen sizes. These sizes are useful for presentations. S3S6 and S8 have an aspect ratio of 4:3. S3 is 300pt wide, S4 is 400pt wide, and so on. S6 is almost as wide as a A4 paper. SM and SW are for medium and wide screens; they have the same height as S6;
  • a few more paper sizes, which are not mention here. See page-lay.mki(i|v) for details.

To define your own paper size, see \definepapersize.

In addition to paper sizes, the second argument takes some special options:

  • samesized : same size as the first argument
  • oversized : adds 1,5cm to each side
  • undersized : subtracts 1.5cm from each side
  • doublesized : doubles the width
  • doubleoversized: doubles the width and adds 1,5 cm to each side


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