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* {{cmd|setupheader}}
* {{cmd|setupheader}}
* {{cmd|setupfooter}}
* {{cmd|setupfooter}}
* {{cmd|convertnumber}} for the values allowed with the <code>numberconversion</code> option
* {{cmd|convertnumber}} for the names of the pre-defined conversions that can be used with the <code>numberconversion=</code> option
== Help from ConTeXt-Mailinglist/Forum ==
== Help from ConTeXt-Mailinglist/Forum ==

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Syntax (autogenerated)

statestart stop none keep empty
...=...,...inherits from \setupcounter


This page needs to be expanded!

From the mailing list: It seems that, in mkiv, \setupuserpagenumber is used instead of \setuppagenumbering to change the number conversion format for page numbering. This may well be true for other attributes as well, but I do not have time right now to browse the source and see what else is supported.



(Page number conversion, location and style changed.)

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Help from ConTeXt-Mailinglist/Forum

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