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Syntax (autogenerated)

\startmarginrule[...] ... \stopmarginrule

\startmarginrule[...=...,...] ... \stopmarginrule
...=...,...inherits from \setupmarginrule


\startmarginrule[...] ... \stopmarginrule
[...] number



Here is example input:

The sound of a duck is a good demonstration of how different people
listen to a sound. Everywhere in Europe the sound is equal. But in
every country it is described differently: kwaak||kwaak (Netherlands),
couin||couin (French), gick||gack (German), rap||rap (Danish) and
mech||mech (Spanish). If you speak these words aloud you will notice
that in spite of the consonants the sound is really very
well described. And what about a cow, does it say boe, mboe or mmmmmm?


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