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== An example for Idris' book ==
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A poem about documentation

"Yet another context user" posted this poem to the mailing list

If you were surprised, like me
Fifty emails, in your inbox to see

    Let me help you with a summary
    Of what happended, using a poor excuse for poetry 

It was the day of fools
When Arthur tried to be cool

    In ConTeXt mailing list he shouted, "Look
    I am going to write a ConTeXt book!"

Everyone was happy and had a thrill
Till Martin said, "it is the first of April"

    His joke ruined, Arthur was sad
    He said Martin, this is bad

Other users were also upset, taken for a ride
The lack of a book, is not a matter of pride

    There were cries and a big fuss
    I was just getting started, said Russ

After that comments did pour
Its not even funny, said Gour

    All of us would be out of luck
    If Hans were to be hit by a bus!

Citing Douglas Adams said Taco
That will make the bus, a shamed loco

    In time back it 'ill go
    And slam its breaks, like a pro

Writing documentation is no fun
It that the reason it is shun

    Even if you do write something
    Does anyone even read the damn thing?

Taco lamented all he hears is that 'it sucks'
Demotivated, he may just pass the buck

    "Oh please, don't let the project slack
    If you write something, we will give you feedback"

This circle of arguments is always repeated
Whenever the question of documentation gets tweeted

    A new conspiracy theory was added this time
    "They want to keep it a secret," it's a crime

I am sick and tired of all the pretext
Why do you think anyone should write a book on ConTeXt?

    Taco and Hans, their hands are full
    Everyone else is just using a tool

(Actually when I was writing this chronology
Irdis was thinking about a typographical ontology)

    If you think that the documentation is lacking
    Do something, rather than grumbling

Here's a suggestion, if I may give to thee
Follow it, and you'll be a ConTeXt prodigee

    Pick up a pen and go 'n write
    On any part of ConTeXt that you like

A wiki article, a blog post, are good places to start
People reading them will relish the knowledge it imparts

    Write an example, show how things work
    Don't just hide there and lurk

If nothing else, write about what you find confusing
Others writing documentation may find it motivating

    On this note, this summary I'll end
    You were not offended, I'll pretend

Finally a request, if I may
Let me be anonymous, please, I pray

    A promise in passing, I'll also make
    Someday a ConTeXt book or tutorial, I may bake

I am waiting for time and a muse
At least, that is my excuse

                            -- A ConTeXt User

  • Later in the thread Idris told how his name should be pronounced
>>> (Actually when I was writing this chronology
>>> Irdis was thinking about a typographical ontology)
>> Who is this Irdis?

> Oh, my heart now bleeds
> That I couldn't spell the name of Prof Hamid

Our anonymous YACU ran, slipped and had to skid,
Neither did (s)he know how to rhyme with Hamid

Accent in Hamid is on the first syllable,
Otherwise pronouncing it will be untenable

What if Hans's were hit by a bus

  • Taco's brilliant answer to this question
> This raises another concern and that is: what is the future of ConTeXt
> is Hans "get hit by the bus"? (Of course, we even do not want to think
> about it...)

The answer to this question is quite obvious if you have read Douglas
Adams' books: the bus will think about the impact of its actions on the
universe for a moment. Then, deeply immersed in gut-wrenching shame,
it will travel back in time half a minute and push its own breaks for
an emergency stop.

latex and LaTeX

(by Taco Hoekwater on the mailing list)

Creating beautiful latex garments is at least as challenging as creating beautiful LaTeX documents (I tried, in earlier days). And just like in LaTeX, the problem areas are glue control and insert placement. Selling latex garments is also similar to selling LaTeX books: it is quite a niche market and your clients are considered fetishists by most other people.

Goodies from the mailing list

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