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< This Way | My Way | Web resources > is a browseable tree of the subversion repository. It is updated hourly.

Some of the manuals exist in a "paper" and a "screen" edition, some also in English and Dutch versions. Linked on this page are always the English screen editions. You find the others on the overview page. Manuals on single topics are linked on their topic page(s).

First manuals

You can easily get lost in the number of manuals on ConTeXt here, so before you proceed to the advanced features of ConTeXt, the following selection of the manuals should give you the insight how the things work in ConTeXt. Except the first one they are not necessary for those who want to use ConTeXt out of the box, rather they are meant for those beginners who want to explore advanced features, write own macros or modify existing features before they start to do so. To save time of developers, please, read them before you start asking questions at the mailing list.

Also not-yet-finished but very beautiful Typographic Programming is recommanded to the curious beginners by experienced users.

General Manuals


XML and derivatives



  • PPCHTeX: macros for typesetting chemical structures
  • PPCHTeX: examples of chemical formulas

Different Hacks

Tool Manuals


There are 6 uptodate files available from PRAGMA ADE.

  1. [screen] [paper] Field Widgets References
  2. [screen] [paper] PPCHTeX examples
  3. [screen] [paper] Flowcharts
  4. [screen] [paper] Tabulation
  5. Reserved for Bibliographies
  6. Reserved for Mathematics
  7. [screen] [paper] Chinese
  8. [screen] Automatic Tables

The uptodate documents now also exist under a different name:

  1. mwidget-p.pdf (paper) and mwidget-s.pdf (screen)
  2. eppchtex.pdf
  3. mchart.pdf
  4. (Not changed?)
  5. (never published)
  6. (never published)
  7. mchinese.pdf
  8. enattab.pdf

Examples of Presentations

ConTeXt Sources

Apart from the manuals, the source files (especially, some of the old ones) contain excellent documentation and examples. If you want a pretty printed pdf of a source file, say core-rul.tex, you can type

 texmfstart texexec --module kpse:core-rul.tex

the --module switch tells texexec to generate the documentation. The kpse before the filename, tells texexec to search the texmf tree core-rul.tex

Luigi has converted all the context sources into pdf. More details are available at User:Luigi.scarso/modules.pdf

other documentation

documentation that is not about ConTeXt, but might be very interesting to ConTeXt users.