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The ConTeXt language extension for the Nova text editor is still in beta, and not yet available through the in-editor Extension Library.

The most recent release for testing can be found at the GitHub repo:

While the extension is currently in beta, it is fairly functional.

This version of the extension supports:

  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Folding for (most) environments
  • Navigating by Symbols (headings: chapter, section, etc.)
  • Spell-checking of body text and section titles
  • Managing builds with Nova's tasks system

(As an aside, this extension uses an updated version of the ConTeXt tree-sitter parser that can now recognize (most) environments and use them to parse out the document hierarchy.)

Limitations at the moment: not all environments are supported (only those with \start and \stop commands right now), and the extension only supports English.