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Pgfplots is a data plotting package based on PGF/TikZ. It is now included as a (third party) module for ConTeXt (with TikZ)


(Data on low-temperature thermal expansion coefficients downloaded from [1]).


        \startaxis[     xmin=0,xmax=300,
                        xlabel=$T$ (K),
                        legend style={at={(0.95,0.05)},anchor=south east},
                        width=16cm ]
                \addplot[mark=none,color=red] plot file {sapphire.dat};
                \addplot[mark=none,color=green] plot file {Be.dat};
                \addplot[mark=none,color=blue] plot file {BeCu.dat};
                \addplot[mark=none,color=cyan] plot file {SS304.dat};
                \addplot[mark=none,color=magenta] plot file {Al6061-T6.dat};
                \addplot[mark=none,color=orange] plot file {nylon.dat};

TODO: Download data files or locally processed result. (See: To-Do List)