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This is a list of existing presentation styles (made by Hans Hagen) which are shiped with ConTeXt. There will also be a list of predefined commands specific for single styles.

TODO: page in progress - feel free to contribute

Things that have to come here: links to sources, links to PDF documents with sources explained, links to a couple of documents which use this style, title page, inner page, specific commands, how to change color of buttons & background, ... (See: To-Do List)

texexec --pdf --mode=demo s-pre-xx

where xx is replaced with appropriate number. Do not not use s-pre-00 as this is only an environment defining helper commands used in other styles.

01. original

\TitlePage {pre-original\\Title Page}

02. green

\TitlePage {pre-green\\Title Page}

03. funny

\TitlePage {pre-funny\\Title Page}

04. colorful

05. fuzzy

\TitlePage {pre-fuzzy\\Title Page}

06. polish

07. spider

\TitlePage {pre-spider\\Title Page}

08. wonder

09. windows

\TitlePage {pre-windows\\Title Page}

10. grow

11. stack

12. arrows

13. writing

\TitlePage {pre-writing\\Title Page}

14. split

15. balls

\TitlePage {pre-balls\\Title Page}

16. knot

17. weird

18. shade

19. organic

\TitlePage {pre-organic\\Title Page}

20. speckle

21. zoom

22. cycle

\TitlePage {pre-cycle\\ Title Page}

23. super

\TitlePage {pre-super\\ Title Page}

24. - 28.

s-pre-24.pdf s-pre-25.pdf s-pre-26.pdf s-pre-27.pdf s-pre-28.pdf


Cited from the documentation:

When my mailbox started to overflow with messages about problems with the presentation step mechanism, I looked up old presentaton, hacked a bit and cooked up an alternative that is less dependent on PDF trickery.

Consider it a cheap trick and prelude to a couple of new presentation styles. (At the time of writing this, I still have some 10 of those styles to clean up and document.) You can give it a try:

60. stepwise

61. stepper