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Basic commands

Don't try to type quotation marks, but use logical markup! Quotation marks and formatting are language dependent.

single quotes 
\quote{some text}
double quotes 
\quotation{some text}
long quote sections 
try \startquote or \startquotation etc.

Nested quotations

The following commands can be used to automatically nest double and single quotes.



Testing, \quotation{A long quotation in which one character says,
\quotation{Eh? What am I supposed to say? Something like, \quotation
{Quotations in this sentence are nested}?}} testing, 1, 2, 3.

Long quotations and extracts

The following may serve as a guide to others in formatting long quotations or extracts:

In body text:




In footnotes:




Example using \setupdelimitedtext

Here is how to get indented quotations set in small type:

\input knuth

The \par inside the block quotation keeps TeX's paragraph builder happy. Otherwise the last paragraph in the block quotation gets the wider linespacing of the outside environment rather than the narrower linespacing appropriate to nine-point text.

Using style=small does not work as well as style={\setupbodyfont[9pt]} or style={\setupbodyfont[10pt]}, because small shrinks only the font size but not the linespacing.