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You can use any text editor for creating a source file for ConTeXt. A lot of editors provide generic TeX syntax highlighting (not based on a word list). But some have a bit more support for ConTeXt:

Editor ConTeXt features Linux Windows MacOS X
Emacs with AUCTeX S+? y y y
SciTE CS y y y (X11)
TeXshop C?PST n n y

ConTeXt features:

  • C = command completion
  • P = PDF preview
  • S = syntax highlighting
  • T = typesetting
  • + = more…
  •  ? = previous feature probable but unsure


Emacs + AUCTeX: Only the current developer version of AUCTeX has ConTeXt support. Berend de Boer’s ConTeXt mode for Emacs has been merged with the former ConTeXt support in AUCTeX from Patrick Gundlach.

SciTE: Only the latest version 1.6.x has ConTeXt support. Fink’s version ist too old.

SciTE on MacOSX 10.3 is a quick-and-dirty port of SciTE to Panther/X11.