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STIX Fonts: a first example

Stix fonts are out now: see

I have made a simple pdf from Hans's script below (see

so we can see them with xpdf (xpdf appears to be broken with pdf from stix's zip)

% this typescript will be in the beta 

\starttypescript [math] [stix] [name]
   \definefontsynonym[MathRoman][file:stixgeneral.otf] [features=math]

\starttypescript [serif] [stix] [name] % why 'italic' infull and 'bol' without 'd'?
   \definefontsynonym[Serif]          [file:stixgeneral.otf] [features=default]
   \definefontsynonym[SerifBold]      [file:stixgeneralbol.otf] [features=defaulth]
   \definefontsynonym[SerifItalic]    [file:stixgeneralitalic.otf] [features=default]
   \definefontsynonym[SerifBoldItalic][file:stixgeneralbolita.otf] [features=default]

   \definetypeface [stix] [rm] [serif] [stix] [default]
   \definetypeface [stix] [mm] [math]  [stix] [default]