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Syntax (autogenerated)





Used in itemizations. Prints an ordinary item.


Here is one list:
    \item First item

Here is another list:
    \item First item (numbered list)

Item list of a special shape

(Based on code by Wolfgang Schuster)

First "block" of item has a fixed width and the following paragraph is hanging by the same distance.

\define[1]\ItemCommand{\hangindent=1.5in\relax\simplealignedbox{1.5in}{flushleft}{#1\hss--- }\ignorespaces}


    \item{Ward} \input ward

      \input ward

    \item{Knuth} \input knuth

(Note: The ConTeXt version here on wiki gives unhanged shape of items compared to that produced by ConTeXt beta / 30.5.2014.)


See also

  • \startitemize
  • \item to print ordinary items
  • \sym to print an item with a custom symbol
  • \mar to print an item with margin text
  • \sub to print an item with a continuation mark
  • \its to print an item with a row of marks (for response ranges)
  • \ran to print a range for the \its row
  • \head to print a head within the list
  • \but to print an item whose mark is an interactive button

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