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Syntax (autogenerated)

[...,...]horizontal vertical number value name


[...] name
[...,...,...] horizontal vertical name value


Colors are grouped in palettes. The colors in such a palette can have colorful names, but best is to use names that specify their use, like important or danger. ConTeXt has some palettes predefined and \showpalet is used to graphically display colors being used in a particular palette.

Orientation of displayed palette can be either horizontal or vertical, name prints palette name (alfa, beta, ...) on left or bottom, number prints quark name to which the color gets assigned (Hans happened to be reading S. Hawking's A hort history of time at the time of implementing color palettes).


\showpalet [alfa] [vertical,name,number]

\showpalet [beta] [horizontal,name,number]
\showpalet [gamma] [horizontal,name]
\showpalet [delta] [horizontal,name]
\showpalet [epsilon] [horizontal,name]
\showpalet [zeta] [horizontal,name]

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