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Syntax (autogenerated)



\startline[ref] ... \stopline[ref]


The commands \startline and \stopline add a label to a range of lines inside a typing. This range can then be referred to using \inline, or \inlinerange, or directly with \in[lr:b:someref] and \in[lr:e:someref].


% Ensure that the /BTEX.../ETEX escape is active inside \starttyping


NB: numbered lines do not work on the wiki.

See \inline[line:single] and also \inline[line:range]. \crlf
See \inline{typeline}[line:single] and also \inline{typelines}[line:range].\crlf
See line~\inlinerange[line:single] and also lines~\inlinerange[line:range].\crlf

line 1/BTEX\someline[line:single]/ETEX
line 2/BTEX\startline[line:range]/ETEX
line 3
line 4/BTEX\stopline[line:range]/ETEX


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