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The #context IRC channel

There is an IRC channel at There are about 5-10 users online regularly, and there used to be the TeXbot maintained by Troy Henderson that allows real-time testing of ConTeXt, MetaPost, and LaTeX code.

See further down to learn how to use the bot; the basic IRC commands; and how to start using IRC in general. Sorry about putting the most introductory section at the bottom; it is there because it is also the longest section.

Using the bot

  !c This is \contextversionnumber
  !m draw fullcircle scaled 72;
  !l Here is my formula: \(\int_a^b f(x)\,dx = F(b)-F(a)\)

The bot will respond with a link to the output.

Basic IRC commands

Command Parameters Action
/join #channelname join the channel #channelname
/me a message return a message as an action message
/msg nickname a message start a private chat with nickname
/nick newnickname change your nickname to newnickname
/notice nickname a short message send a short message to nickname without opening up a private window
/part a message leave the channel
/quit a message leave the irc server
/whois nickname get more information about user nickname
/chat nickname chat with nickname
/help a topic get help on a topic

Installing and using ChatZilla

ChatZilla is a multiplatform irc extension for Firefox. The installation can be performed as follows:

  1. Select Tools > Extensions.
  2. In the search box, type: irc
  3. Click the Search icon.
  4. Click the Install button beside ChatZilla.
  5. Restart Firefox.

An other method is to use this quick install link [1] and restart Firefox.

Once ChatZilla is installed you can use [[2]] to access to the freenode irc server or go directly to the #context channel with [[3]].

Now you have to choose your nickname according to [4]. In the bottom left corner, click on your current nickname and select "Change nickname...". If the chosen nickname is already used by someone else, change it if you want to perform a registration in order to use the same nickname for future #context sessions. Once you have a valid nickname, you can register it by entering the following command in the bottom interaction line: /msg nickserv register yourpasswd

In future sessions, you will use the same registered nickname by identifying yourself with the command: /msg nickserv identify yourpasswd

If you are not connected to the #context channel yet, you can use /join #context

To quit #context without being disconnected of /part a message,

To quit /quit a message