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→‎Installation problems: Location of acrobat.bat and editing npp.bat
==Installation problems==
Sometimes there are slight problems with the above installation. This section attempts to address them.
===Npp.bat fails to start Notepad++===
The default "npp.bat" assumes that your ConTeXt distribution is located in a folder called "\tex\". If this is not the case,
then you need to edit "npp.bat" to remove occurrences of the string "tex\".
===Background colour does not change===
The default shortcut provided, "Acrobat.lnk", points to the file "Acrobat.exe". If you only have the Acrobat Reader, you need
to change this shortcut to point to the file "AcroRd32.exe", which might be found in the folder ""C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader".
The location of "acrobat.bat", "Acrobat.lnk" and "documentation.bat" might also need changing. Try moving them to the
folder "/texmf-mswin/bin".
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