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The following commands can be used to automatically nest double and single quotes.
<texcode>\setupdelimitedtext [quotation] [1] [left={\symbol[leftquotation]}, right={\symbol[rightquotation]}] \setupdelimitedtext [quotation] [2] [leftcontext source={\symbol[leftquote]}, right={\symbol[rightquote]}] \setupdelimitedtext [quotation] [3] [left={\symbol[leftquotation]}, right={\symbol[rightquotation]}]</texcode> <texcode>Testing, \quotation{A long quotation in which one character says,\quotation{Eh? What am I supposed to say? Something like, \quotation{Quotations in this sentence are nested}?}} testing, 1, 2, 3.</texcode> <context"yes">


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