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ConTeXt has a whole bunch of possibilities to typeset tables. Not each provides everything you may need. * [[Tabulate]] (tabulation, '''recommended for simple requirements''')* [[TABLE]] (natural tables, HTML tables, '''recommended''')* [[Linetable]] (new multipage tables, and the older '''experimental''') Older ones are : * [[Table]] (TaBlE, '''deprecated''')* [[Tables]] (multipage TaBlE, '''deprecated.''')
* [[Tabulate]] (tabulation, recommended for simple requirements)
* [[Table]] (TaBlE, deprecated)
* [[Tables]] (multipage TaBlE, deprecated)
* [[TABLE]] (natural tables, HTML tables, recommended)
* [[Linetable]] (new multipage tables, experimental)
If you have simple tables with lots of contents, and you're tired of typing <code>\bTR\bTD</code>s or <code>\NC\NR</code>s, you can also have a look at


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